Turnstile Access Update

The Liverpool Supporters' Union were pleased to see that the significant problems experienced at the turnstiles at the Stoke and Notts County games were reduced at the Manchester United game following the Union's contact with the Club to raise the issue and our subsequent release on the problems that are occurring.

However two things should be noted. Firstly, the improvement at the United match seemed to be based upon the introduction of a "manual" solution with stewards acting as a "pre-turnstile", slowing the entry of supporters by physically checking them through one by one - something which did delay entrance. This approach was facilitated by supporters responding positively to the Club's appeal for them to arrive early. 
Secondly, this underlined that Liverpool FC's Stadium Manager Ged Poynton was completely out of touch with the reality of the situation when, rather than accepting the turnstile changes have and will continue to cause delay, instead blamed supporters for arriving late and trying to gain access with invalid cards. We hope that members of the Supporters' Committee were able to reiterate this point unequivocally to Club officials and Tom Werner at their hastily arranged pre-match meeting on Sunday.
The Union will continue to monitor entry performance and will make any representations necessary to the Club. Thanks to all members and supporters who got in touch with us about this issue and thanks to supporters who helped alleviate further problems by arriving earlier than usual on Sunday. 


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