Ticket Price Response for Season 2014-2015

"The Premier League fixture list for the 2014/2015 season was confirmed on Wednesday of this week. A cynic might suggest that it is a good day to bury bad news as coincidentally Liverpool Football Club owners FSG announced the general admission prices for the coming season. 

With the top price ticket being just shy of £60, Spirit of Shankly are extremely disappointed to see that prices have increased yet again. This at a time when last season FSG saw LFC’s income from TV increase from £54m to £97m.

This time last year, Spirit of Shankly and supporters from all over the country marched to the Premier League Headquarters to voice concern at the ever increasing cost of attending a game. Despite the significant increased television money that the Premier League Clubs now receive , we really have to question FSG’s motivation in fleecing their fan base when huge and increased funds are available elsewhere. 

It is sickening to note that the additional revenues that the FSG are about to receive from increasing ticket prices is relatively immaterial when measured against the impact it will have on the supporters' pockets.

While the efforts they have made to reduce youth prices are welcomed we would ask FSG to confirm how many supporters they think this might affect, scores or hundreds we suspect, rather than the thousands continually financially squeezed.

The cost of attending a Champions League fixture at Anfield this season will also see supporters paying between £46 and £59 for a ticket. In 2009 the same tickets would have cost between £36 and £38. This represents an increase of 55% over five years and greatly exceeds inflation over this period. 

How can FSG justify this price hike? 

Additionally, when looking at Premier League fixtures for 2014/15, the difference in cost between a Category A and C game has widened further, with the difference in the top prices being £49 to £59. 

As a Category A club, Liverpool supporters continuously pay significantly more than other clubs on their travels and it is with enormous disappointment that FSG are widening this gap for opposition fans visiting Anfield. 


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