The Cost Of Being Liverpool

The Cost Of Being Liverpool keeps on going up. Season tickets, home tickets, tiered pricing, cup matches, away games, Europa League, Membership Schemes, Booking fees. There is always something more - an increased cost, an added cost - that makes it that bit harder to afford and often that much harder to justify.

 Football seems to exist in this circle of ever increasing costs and incomes – bigger sponsorship deals, new kit maker deals, increased ticket prices, more corporate facilities. All to pay for increasing – and inflated – footballers’ wages and transfers fees.


It would seem that we can and indeed will be able to support our side– it will just cost us a bit more each time.


This Saturday at our next EGM, we will be discussing what it costs to be a Liverpool FC supporter. We aren't unique, as many other clubs experience similar problems. More and more supporters are making clear that they are 'Against Modern Football'. Up and down the country, banners are found in both home and away ends with a growing frequency, stating that supporters are unhappy at being ripped off, treated as turnstile fodder, who will keep on coming and if they don’t, well someone else will take their place.

The example many supporters give when asked how it can be made better is Germany. The Bundesliga, from its 50 + 1 rule to its ticket pricing strategies seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to looking after their loyal supporters. So how do we replicate it, or take the best bits and make them a reality here?

Firstly, we need to come together and discuss the problems, propose solutions before we look to implement them. We need to be honest with ourselves about what we can actually do against what we want to achieve.


The idea of an empty away end sounds great- but can we achieve that?


Lobbying the Premier League would be good – but will they listen if they know we will still go to games anyway?


Can we do it as supporters of just our club or do we need supporters of other clubs to work together to make it happen?


These are all questions that need to be considered, along with many more, before we can say ‘Here’s our plan and here is what we expect to achieve’. And to answer those questions, we need to sit down and engage, listen, debate and then decide. Because the longer we let them get away with it, the harder it is to fight back.


They will only get away with it, if we let them. So come along to our meeting, Saturday 17th November at 11:30 in The Sandon. Listen and have your say. For now, we will leave you with these price comparisons.


Using The Bank of England’s Inflation Calculator:


Everton, FA Cup Final May 1986. Cost £6.00. In 2011, this should cost £14.42


Man Utd Home, Feb 1986. Cost £5.00. In 2011, this should cost £12.02


Now check your ticket stubs and see if you are paying £12 for Man Utd at home or £14 for an FA Cup Final ticket….


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