Sunderland/ Durham Police Complaint –Make sure you come forward

Following on from our recent statement, the Liverpool Supporters' Union would like to remind anyone who travelled by coach to our away match at Sunderland on 20th March 2011 to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

As those who travelled will be aware, coaches were not allowed to exit the motorway following the game and were subject to a police convoy until they reached the Merseyside boundary. This meant that attending pre-arranged events, or even the chance to stop at service stations was denied to supporters.

Working alongside the Football Supporters Federation and solicitors who specialise in civil claims and police complaints, the Liverpool Supporters' Union have successfully had their complaint upheld by Durham Police. 
This means if you travelled home from Sunderland on a coach on that day, you may be able to claim compensation. It would be very helpful if you could provide proof of travel since your ability to claim may depend on this.

What you need to do next, depends on how you travelled to and from the game that day:

If you travelled on the Spirit Of Shankly coach, you need to contact as soon as possible, and ideally before 14th November 2012
If you were travelling on another coach that day, we would advise you to visit and complete the online form. This is on behalf of Rocket Claims who are working alongside the Liverpool Supporters' Union in this matter.

It’s important you get in touch so you don't miss out on the opportunity to claim compensation. This action also sends a powerful message that football supporters, should, and must, be treated better.

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