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Yesterday, we announced that for those supporters who couldn't show their support during the game, we would make sure your voice is heard in other ways. This is how. We intend to contact Liverpool's sponsors and partners one by one. We want you to do the same. On Social Media and by Email. Ask questions. Tell them you don't like the prices. Tell them to tell FSG.

The first one to contact is Subway. Here's what we want you to do:

Tweet @Subway Use the image below. Use the Hashtag #FSG77. Here's what we sent them. 

Hi @SUBWAY - Would you pass on a message to FSG please? We prefer being supporters who can afford tickets #FSG77

Email Subway. Send them a message. Here are the email addresses to send it to. Senior people who should listen:
Here is our message we sent. Feel free to adapt or use your own:
Tell FSG we are supporters not customers
Dear Sir/Madam 

I am writing for clarification from you for the planned action of a company that you sponsor, Liverpool Football Club.

As a loyal supporter of Liverpool Football Club, an important stakeholder I am sure you would agree, my concerns stem from proposed plans to raise the prices of tickets that will be available after the completion of a stadium expansion. 

The new ‘Main Stand’ will provide more available seating which, if sold at current prices would obviously result in increased revenue for the club. It has come to my attention that Liverpool Football Club and consequently the ownership, Fenway Sports Group, plan to further increase the potential revenue made from tickets sold by raising the price of available tickets in different parts of the ground.

An increase in ticket prices is terrible news for prospective match goers, many supporters, particularly locally, already cannot afford to attend a match and an increase is likely to price an even larger percentage of supporters out of attendance. 

While it is understood that Liverpool Football Club is a business, it is a business which relies on the community around it. Businesses and large corporations alike have a duty to abide by certain ethics and values; it is their corporate social responsibility. 

Under the ‘making a difference in our communities’ section in the ‘About Us’ on the SUBWAY website, it explains that individually franchised SUBWAY stores pride themselves on being caring and active members of their communities.

In light of this and the above plans of the owners of Liverpool Football Club, I would like to ask if SUBWAY can confirm that it is happy to continue to be associated with an organisation that by proposed actions is clearly showing disrespect to its local community? Do you believe that the proposed plans are fair?

As an official partner of the club, you want to be associated with a club that has a rich history. Supporters are an integral part of that. You give the club money to have a direct link to supporters, as pointed out on the Fenway Sports Management website. Supporters will care what you think.

In summary, this email was written to at least shed light on the proposed plans of one your sponsored parties. I felt it necessary to bring to your attention, especially as SUBWAY is a franchise that prides itself on taking care of people and building vibrant communities.

Yours Faithfully 


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