Spirit of Shankly welcomes Labour Party proposals

Today the Shadow Minster for Sport, Clive Efford, announced a number of proposals for the 2015 Labour Manifesto that include a right for supporter trusts to appoint Football Club directors and to acquire up to a 10% share in their club when any sale takes place. 

This can be read here.


Spirit of Shankly fully welcome these proposals. We firmly believe that these would be positive first steps towards making football clubs accountable to their biggest stakeholder - supporters - and give supporters a real say and role in football club decision making and governance. 


Whilst the full detail is still to be made clear and no doubt challenges from the owners and vested interests in football will follow, we hope this acts as a catalyst for change in how football is run.


It is clear that the Labour Party has listened to supporter organisations like Spirit of Shankly and the leading role we have played and we hope that they, along with other political parties, will continue to engage with and work alongside supporters to develop the solutions that are required to fix football. 


It is now the responsibility of any future government to enact the long overdue changes that are needed.


Spirit Of Shankly Chairman, Jay McKenna, said: 


“Today’s announcement will change the debate for many but for supporter trusts like ourselves, it is what we have been saying is needed for a long time - giving supporters a voice and say in how clubs are run. 


We believe that we have the answers to the problems football faces, from ownership, ticket prices or stewarding. These proposals would mean that supporter issues and concerns will be taken to the very heart of Liverpool Football Club and be heard during the decision making process. 


For Spirit of Shankly this is part of what we have strived for - a supporter on the board and ultimately supporter ownership. This would move us in that direction. 


We welcome that decision makers have listened to us. Now is the time for change in football and we look forward to a future government enacting such positive changes. 


We will of course continue to press for any future government to increase supporter involvement and to go further and to ensure that football tackles the problems that supporters face and to give supporters the power to make changes to give them a voice at the heart of football."


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