Spirit of Shankly Committee Structure

In March the new Management Committee was elected for the coming year. These elections took a different format than previous years with no specific positions for people to be elected to, but just for the position on the Management Committee. This was to allow flexibility in achieving Spirit of Shankly’s aims, ensure that there is enough support for Union activities and better serve our members. Following the end of the season the Management Committee have put together the following structure.

Here we see the Management Committee overseeing three sub committees; Finance, Organisation and Business; Campaigns and Events; and Communications, Media and Membership. What each sub committee is responsible for is also detailed in the above structure. To further enhance member participation and representation, each sub committee is open to paid up members to join alongside members of the management committee.

Each of the sub committees has been assigned a Chair to act as a contact point for member queries including member participation on that sub committee. The chairs are listed below with their contact address for any business relating to their sub committee.

Finance, Organisation and Business: Fran Stanton –

Campaigns and Events: Kieth

Communications, Media and Membership: Paul Gardner –

If you wish to get involved in any of the above sub committees please get in touch via the respective e-mail address.

The Management Committee also consists of an Executive Committee consisting of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who will coordinate the efforts of all officers of the union, manage the achievement of the union’s objectives and administer the union’s finances. The Chairs of the three sub committees take up three of these positions as follows (with contact details for non sub committee related business):

Chair: Fran Stanton –

Vice Chair: Kieth

Secretary: Paul Gardner –

Treasurer:  Jon-Paul Hill –

A list of the members who make up the Management Committee can be found here.

Spirit of Shankly are also in the final stages of recruiting an administrator who will help with the day to day running of the Union to allow us to better support our members and work towards achieving the Union’s aims and objectives. They will be located in a dedicated new Spirit of Shankly office which will further enhance the Union’s ability to keep on growing.

To ensure that any queries from members reach the relevant officer of the Union, listed below are other important contact e-mail addresses:

Membership enquiries:


Website enquiries:

The Football Quarter:

Media enquiries:


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