SOS Credit Union and Season Ticket Loan

Spirit Of Shankly have been working with Partners Credit Union to establish a Spirit Of Shankly Division, that allows members and supporters to come together to save towards a stake in Liverpool Football Club through our supporter ownership scheme. Whilst the ownership situation has changed, supporters still face issues around ticketing costs and with this in mind, we have been working to find ways to help supporters.

We are pleased to announce that from today, the Spirit Of Shankly working with Partners Credit Union, are able to offer a Season Ticket Loan to help those supporters who face paying a high cost for their season ticket at an already expensive time of year. The Season Ticket Loan, which runs for 12 months, allows supporters to pay for their season ticket over a longer period rather than in one lump sum, with a much lower rate of interest than a credit card. The loan can be for individuals or family members up to a total of £2,000.

The loans are currently available to those who live or work in the Greater Merseyside area. This is due to existing Credit Union legislation. If you are unsure if you are eligible for the loan but would like to find out more then please complete the Membership Application form and Partners will be able to give you further details or contact you when the legislation changes.

The only other pre-requisite to access the loans is to complete the Membership Form agreeing to save a minimum amount of £2 per week for 10 weeks. After this time, you will be eligible to access a loan to cover the cost of your season ticket cost - which is paid direct to the Club or re-imbursed to your Credit or Debit card. What's more the £2 you save each week remains yours, to use for future season tickets, European trips or your supporter ownership stake. Saving this money also opens up other Credit Union benefits.

Further information on the Credit Union and accessing the Season Ticket Loan, including downloading the Membership Application Form is available here.


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