Reciprocal Ticket Price Arrangements

In light of the recent Supporters' Committee meeting and comments from Liverpool Football Club in relation to reciprocal pricing arrangements for away tickets (Minutes here), Spirit of Shankly have looked at ways to address this issue.
During the meeting, LFC stated that “the Club had been speaking to numerous clubs about what they planned to do to increase the number of away fans attending games. The reality is that fans of the bigger clubs are charged more than the smaller clubs because the support is there and the tickets will sell. The general consensus is that clubs are not going to promote many reciprocal arrangements, as there is no real widespread appetite to push for reciprocal deals. So whilst some may happen, at the moment it doesn’t appear to be something that will take hold at all Clubs. This can change obviously. The smaller clubs need the bigger clubs to attend in large numbers as they can represent up to 20% of the ticket revenue on any given match day. It is not in the financial interests of the smaller clubs to offer the bigger clubs £20 tickets".
Since the Supporters' Committee meeting was held, it has been announced that Liverpool Football Club have entered in to an arrangement with Cardiff City to ensure that £10 is knocked off the price of an away ticket for this season's corresponding fixtures. We of course welcome the news and it is clear that our voices are starting to be heard. We hope that this is a further step towards achieving our goal of reducing the cost of attending the match, but of course we do need to continue with the campaign.
It is evident that as a "Category A Club" Liverpool supporters find themselves paying grossly inflated prices to attend a match. Yet when a "Category C" club attends the same ground the following week, these fans will often find themselves paying up to 74% less to watch the same opposition, in the same seats, in the same stand with the same facilities. We'd be interested to know how this even begins to be perceived as fair.
With this in mind, we are in the process of writing to the remaining 18 Premier League clubs, with the help of other Trust groups, to highlight the significant difference in costs that Category A and C supporters face and also to request that these clubs consider a reciprocal pricing arrangement with Liverpool Football club. 


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