Membership Process - Review

The Spirit of Shankly Management Committee have been reviewing their membership processes in order  to make them fit for purpose for the Union and its activities.
When the Union was first launched it was decided that in order to help to cement membership welcome packs would be sent out with various items such as membership card, badge and photographs.
Membership subscriptions have always been held at £10 and the membership updates and packs have been sent out by volunteer members (mostly Committee members).
As the Union has matured and the focus of its campaigns and activities have changed and matured a review of membership process has shown that members are generally driven by the wish to be involved and to be part of the Union rather than the wish to receive a card or badge. Additionally a good proportion of the £10 membership subscription have been used in the cost of the welcome packs.
On top of this the Union also recognises that from time to time (due to the nature of the way in which the membership packs are managed by volunteers) that we have been less than efficient in getting these out to members – which in itself causes member frustration and more work dealing with queries.
The Union remains committed to acting in the best interests of members, to reflect a modern members’ led organisation and to do that requires maximising resources and funds. With that in mind it has been decided that the following changes will be made to membership processes:
  • The membership process will, as far as possible, become electronically based with potential and current members being asked to join or renew online;
  • Membership packs are being discontinued from 1st March 2015 although new members wishing to receive a badge can ask for one here - the cost of postage only will be charged;
  • Existing members requiring a replacement badge can request one here (LINK);
  • Any new members who joined prior to 1st march 2015 and who have not received a welcome pack and who still wish to receive one should email and we will honour those requests
  • Moving forward we have other membership processes planned around renewal reminders, lapsed members, growing our membership and our social media activity – more of that will follow in due course.
If you have any queries about the new processes please email


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