Manchester United Post Match Police Statement

The Spirit of Shankly representatives regularly meet with Merseyside Police and Liverpool FC over policing and stewarding issues.
Recently the Union was also asked to attend a meeting with Merseyside Police, Greater Manchester Police and Liverpool FC over the policing of the home game against Manchester United.
One issue previously raised by your Union representative was that when things went badly the police were quick to brief the media but when, on the vast majority of occasions they went well there was little feedback.
Merseyside Police took that on board and following the successful policing of the game against United (even if the football wasn’t as successful) they have emailed the Union as follows:
Match Commander of the recent Liverpool FC verses Manchester United FC fixture Chief Superintendent Jon Ward QPM, said: “I would like to thank both set of fans for their responsible behaviour during Sunday’s match.

“The dialogue we were able to have with groups associated with both sets of fans prior to the fixture certainly helped and we will certainly continue to do this in future.

“Often we highlight the poor behaviour of the minority of fans at these fixtures. I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the excellent behaviour of the majority of fans in attendance.”
The Union will continue to represent members’ interests over police and stewarding issues, our latest request is to see if Arsenal FC and the Metropolitan Police would wish to meet prior to the away game at the Emirates.


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