Liverpool is Not For Trademarking

Spirit of Shankly have been alarmed to learn of club owners FSG’s plans to attempt to copyright the name ‘Liverpool’.

As is the case with such proposals, the devil is in the detail. But due to a lack of transparency and consultation from FSG, their vague statement leaves the case open to huge assumptions. For example, can we now assume that anyone who uses the name Liverpool could face legal action?

Will local football teams be at risk, simply for having ‘Liverpool’ in their name? 

For decades, local traders outside of Anfield have sold scarfs, hats, T-shirts etc and for many it’s their sole source of income. Scores of those T-shirts have been, and still are, happily worn by players, past and present. These traders provide a vibrant alternative to the club’s official merchandise and are bought by thousands of fans every matchday. What happens to them? The list goes on.

After a magnificent summer of optimism and celebration for LFC, it is hard to contemplate such a controversial, ill-thought out move by FSG. It is one that will alienate the entire fan base. We, along with all fans, cherish our independent traders. They add so much to our fan culture and atmosphere – and therefore the club’s success.

SOS strongly oppose the blatant monetisation of our football heritage. But this is about more than LFC. This is about Liverpool. The name is not FSG’s to own, it is the name of our city, it is owned by its people.

This must be stopped. 


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