LFC Stewards at Away Games

The Liverpool Supporters' Union was contacted yesterday by the Chair of the Liverpool Football Club Supporters' Committee to advise us of a meeting that is being held at the Club this Friday, 27th September, to discuss the ongoing issues arising from Club actions at recent away games.
The Union were asked if we had any views we would like raising at the meeting, and our response was to request an invitation to attend the meeting to put across the views of our members in person.
We have been told by the Club today, that they will only deal with the Supporters Committee. The reason given for this was that this is their preferred choice of method to keep fans up-to-date with any news because the Supporters' Committee represent the fans. The Union will wait to see how the outcome of the meeting will be communicated to fans by the Supporters' Committee and the Club. 
If this is the case, why is it that ahead of high profile games, the authorities contact the Union to gauge fans views and to relay news to fans about operational details on the day of such games. 
This has not been more obvious than today's game with Manchester United where GMP contacted the Union for a pre- match meeting to discuss the policing of the game, which resulted in GMP giving the Union an in-depth press release to put out on their behalf to help ALL fans enjoy their visit tonight in a safe environment . 
We also have regular dealings with the main national fan organisations, the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) and Supporters Direct on a wide range of issues that affect fans on a day-to-day basis.
Ahead of the meeting on Friday, we call on the Club to suspend the actions which are causing such distress to fans who have been supporting the Club a lot longer than the people employed at the Club who dreamt up such bully boy tactics and to engage with ALL fans to find a solution to a problem that only seems to exist in certain Club officials heads.


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