Looking for a pic of this man

Liverpool supporter Stu Sword is looking for Reds fans to help locate a photographer who took a picture of his late Dad, Billy Sword after the Watford game last season played on 8 May.


Billy Sword, Stu and his uncle stopped off in the fan area at the back of Stanley Park car park on their way to the ground. They were stopped by an older man with white/grey hair, who may have been wearing glasses, carrying a professional looking camera. He told them he was an amateur photographer and asked if they would mind posing for a pic – he'd been taking shots of both sets fans around area. He wasn't wearing anything official, so looked like he did it as a hobby.


A few days later, on 14th May Billy went into cardiac arrest, not breathing for between 5 and 20 minutes. The paramedics tried CPR and managed to get him breathing, but in hospital he was unresponsive and six days later, his life-support machine was switched off. To the family’s total shock he pulled through and woke a few days later, but had suffered severe brain damage. He made incredible progress over the following months, even starting to talk , but unfortunately on 13 August, he suffered a massive stroke and didn't wake up again. He passed away on 19 August wearing his Liverpool top.

Stu would love to have a copy of the photograph of him and his dad and uncle, so if anyone has any info about who the snapper might be, please get in touch.


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