Greater Manchester Police Meeting


Spirit Of Shankly were invited by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to attend a meeting on 19th July 2012. In the past SOS have attended meetings with GMP, set up by the FSF, to help improve relations between Liverpool fans and GMP at away games in Manchester, and particularly at Old Trafford, and these have proved beneficial to Liverpool fans in the past, ensuring regular dialogue to deal with any issues arising on the day.
The latest meeting was to discuss the making of a training video which would be shown to GMP officers in their briefings before matches at Old Trafford. The video would consist of ordinary fans, from clubs from all over the country, relating their treatment by GMP and giving their opinions on how they would like to be treated in the future by GMP when attending away games at United. The aim is to ensure a better experience for fans when they come into contact with the police.
While we think this is a good opportunity for fans to help shape police policy related to treatment at games, and welcome the initiative, we feel for this to be credible and accepted by all fans it needs to be a joint initiative between GMP and the FSF. This was agreed by GMP who said they would be contacting the FSF to start the process.
Spirit Of Shankly would like to thank GMP for their invite and hope that other police forces across the country take a more proactive approach in dealing with football fans in the future and open up dialogue with fans across the country to help improve the treatment of fans by the authorities.
Spirit Of Shankly will soon be contacting members to see who would be interested in representing SOS/ LFC fans on the video.


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