Follow Up Statement Re: League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg Ticketing


Further to our recent statement regarding the allocation of tickets for the forthcoming League Cup tie against Manchester City at Anfield, Spirit of Shankly wishes to thank members for the feedback that they have provided and the further points of clarification requested.
It is clear from both feedback from members and from conversations that took place around the ground at Sarturday’s match that there is still a great deal of confusion among supporters concerning the club’s prioritisation of Official Membership participants with three home League match credits above Season Ticket holders and Fan Card holders with a full set of home League match credits, as well as those with attendance recorded at prior League Cup ties.
From the information provided to supporters by the club and local media, the situation is as follows:
-       First priority will go to Season Ticket holders who have joined the Auto Cup Scheme (ACS). The Liverpool Echo reported that 7,000 Season Ticket holders have registered under this scheme.
-       In the absence of any earlier League Cup home game upon which to base priority for the proposed Official Members ACS, second priority will go to Official Members who have purchased tickets for THREE home League games this season, including matches that have yet to take place. The Liverpool Echo reported that 20,000 Official Members will be eligible.
-       After this, the 18,000 Season Ticket Holders not in the ACS may apply for any remaining tickets. With 27,000 tickets potentially accounted for, plus those reserved for former club shareholders with Priority Rights and the away supporters’ allocation, there may be fewer than 12,000 tickets remaining at this stage.
SOS believes that the club’s disregard for supporters (Season Ticket Holders and non-Season Ticket holders alike) who have attended many more than three home League games, as well as those who attended last season’s home League Cup tie with Northampton and this season’s away ties at Exeter, Brighton, Stoke & Chelsea, is fundamentally wrong. It is our firm belief that “loyalty” in prioritising access to tickets should always be determined by matches attended.
Furthermore, we believe that in blatantly promoting sales of its Official Membership scheme through granting easy access to tickets on the most flimsy of pre-requisites, the club has disregarded its own previous definitions of “membership”. From the dark days of the Thatcher government’s identity card proposals through to the club’s All Red membership scheme, Liverpool FC has regarded Season Ticket holders as “members” in various forms. Indeed, a look at a current Season Ticket will show that it has “Liverpool Football Club Members Card” clearly written in the top right hand corner. SOS requests that the club publicly defines what “Liverpool Football Club” Season Ticket holders are now “Members” of and how that membership is now somehow categorised as lower than “Official Membership” priced at £30.
SOS intends to contact Ian Ayre, the club’s Managing Director, in order to state our opposition to, and obtain an explanation for, this disregard for the time, effort and money expended by loyal match going Liverpool supporters - supporters who appear to now be being punished for the failure of the club to coerce little more than 25% of Season Ticket holders into joining the ACS for this competition.
Please note, the club has announced that “tiered pricing” will be introduced for this tie. Please see: for further information. With this likely to become a permanent feature in future seasons, SOS would appreciate your views on this development.    
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