Communication with John Henry

Spirit of Shankly has endeavoured to keep the lines of communication open with the new owners in a positive and collaborative way since they arrived.

As part of this, following a full consultation with our members, the Union forwarded the attached briefing and enquiry document to the owners just before Christmas after being invited to do so by John Henry.

Email to John Henry and Document


Please see attached briefing and request document relating to the Club and its relationship with the Union and supporters.

We are sorry we missed you on your recent visit but we felt it important to get this document right rather than to rush something to Tom and yourself. The document comes in part from a consultation we have carried out with our members.

We hope you will see the contents in the spirit of cooperation and benefit to the Club as this is how it has been aimed.

The document requests an early meeting with you when you are next over and an invitation to address a general meeting of ours at some point in the new year (we have our AGM in February on the day of the home match against Wigan which would be ideal).

I would appreciate confirmation of receipt and the Union wishes Tom, you and your families the best for Christmas and the New Year(and of course, the same for the team on the pitch!)

Kind regards

Graham Smith
SOS Memo to NESV

John Henry's response was received last week.


Sorry for the delay, but we’ve been extraordinarily busy.

Best regards,

John Henry's reply to SOS

Many issues remain unanswered and we hope future communication between the Club and supporters will ease any concerns about the issues discussed. We have responded by thanking him for his response and clarifying that the email address used to send the document is the work email of a Committee member used as a convenience.

The announcement of the Liverpool Supporters’ Committee was broadly welcomed by the Spirit of Shankly despite the initial lack of detail about its operation and as a result the whole issue will be discussed at the Union’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at Zelig’s, Liverpool 1 on the 12th February 2011 at 11.30am. This is the day of the home game against Wigan.

The Union's Management Committee will be asking members to back a resolution encouraging the Union and its members to engage with the Liverpool Supporters’ Committee to include members serving upon it. This, and the other resolutions submitted and discussed at the AGM, will be subject to a full online membership vote and the AGM will be recorded and available for viewing in the 24 hours after the meeting has taken place.

An announcement about the AGM has been made but any resolutions or items for discussion should be emailed to


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