Season Ticket Waiting List

After receiving a large amount of enquires from members on this matter, Spirit Of Shankly would like to address the questions raised.

On 5th September 2010, we received an email from a member concerning the season ticket waiting list and the issue of new season tickets potentially being issued as corporate seating. On the same day, the email was passed onto the club via our Club Liaison Officer.

On 8th September 2010 we received a reply from the club which stated "The club are developing plans to improve communications with the fans on the waiting list and hope to activate that process by the end of the year. We don't give season tickets to corporates."
We explained this at our EGM on 25th September 2010.

Following this, the member who sent the initial query then produced documentation he had received from the club, supporting his claim for a season ticket based upon what the club had told him. This was again passed onto the club and the outcome was he received guarantees from the club that there had been an administration error and that he will receive a season ticket at the start of next season.

While we understand the frustrations of our members who are on the list, this is an issue between the club and an individual. We acted as a conduit to allow the member to ask questions and the club to provide answers, given the circumstances. The most common request in all the emails we have received was if we could find out where people are on the list. We have asked the club if this is possible and they have told us it is a matter between them (the club) and the named person and they can and will only deal with that person.

If any member does receive any correspondence from the club and feel they are not getting treated in the right manner then the Union will be happy to take up there case with the club if asked.
The season ticket waiting list and ticketing issues in general are something Spirit of Shankly are hoping to discuss with the new owners during any future dialogue.


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