Direct Action - Saturday

Now, more than ever, our Football Club needs us It needs you to stand up and be counted. To tell Tom Hicks and George Gillett that enough is enough. To tell the watching world, the banks and the finance houses that we won't stand idly by as our Football Club is run into the ground. To tell them that if the situation worsens, our protests will escalate.

This weekend, we intend to make our feelings known. We want you to be a part of that. At our EGM, we will be talking about our plans for supporter ownership and future protests. We want you to be a part of that. We want as many members as possible to be there to suggest ideas and determine the future.

Following on from the EGM, we intend to protest during and after the Sunderland game. Using songs, banners and flags, we urge all those in attendance to make sure the people who have got us into this mess get the message, loudly and clearly, that they aren't welcome. People say we need to get behind the team, and worry about the affect that protesting has on the players performance. The time for that worry has passed. It is time to get behind our campaign to save our Club. Without the Club we have no team. It's not the protests that are having an effect on performance but the ownerships situation, the lack of investment and the crippling repayments. Even the manager and the players have called for new owners to enable the Club to move forward. 

After the match, we ask that you remain in the ground and continue your protests. We ask that you gather at the front of each stand and remain in the ground protesting until we are satisfied our message has been heard.

We urge all those who have banners, or flags to bring them along. We know there are other groups planning to produce banners and we would urge everyone to work together to give out the strongest message yet to those responsible for the demise of our Club. It is our responsibility as supporters to invoke change. We have to do all we can.

The protests and our plans for action are now part of a planned and sustained campaign. We gave the owners, the Board and the finance men some space to bring about new investment and new owners. Nothing has happened so we now plan to carry on protesting with action escalating until a resolution is reached. The ongoing soap opera within our Football Club must come to an end. It is now our duty as Liverpool supporters to bring it to an end. Saturday is another step towards the aims we are striving to achieve. Tom Hicks and George Gillett out of OUR club!


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