SOS Backs LFCNY Boycott

The Spirit of Shankly would like to lend their full support to fellow Reds of the New York Liverpool Supporters Club ( who have publicly condemned the British-born, U.S. Radio Host, Steve Cohen, who appears on Fox Football Phone In and on World Soccer Daily on Sirius.


Cohen has repeatedly slandered Liverpool fans, and the 96 in particular, on air by claiming repeatedly that Liverpool fans killed their own by turning up ticketless at Hillsborough, a lie categorically refuted by The Taylor Report. When confronted with his lies Cohen responded by linking Hillsborough with Heysel, with murdering Liverpool fans as the common theme.


" Consider the facts. Liverpool are at the center of almost every serious human violation of conduct. Heysel, Hillsborough, Alan Smith, Singing about Munich 58, throwing **** on United fans at Anfield, Michael Shields...are you seriously telling me that you are not guilty of any of this. 2 events - 4 years - 2 different cities - 2 different countries - 2 different stadium. 135 dead - Only common link....well have a guess. " (Steve Cohen)


The LFCNY Reds are calling for his removal from the airwaves, and have demanded a full public retraction of these disgusting and offensive slurs. Until that time, they call on all supporters to boycott advertisers and promoters of his show, as well as his broadcasters Sirius and the Fox Soccer Channel.


The LFCNY Reds told Spirit of Shankly: "The LFCNY, and all the North American Supporters' Branches, recommend that you email Steve Cohen's advertisers, letting them know that you will not be using any of their services as long as they financially support this person".

Full details are available at


The Spirit of Shankly would like to add to this call for a boycott and further invite Mr Cohen to attend a public meeting of our members where we would invite him to explain and substantiate his allegations. We would then be delighted to point out the error of his ways and allow him to publicly retract and apologise. In support of this issue New England Revolution Manager, Steve Nicol, who was a player for Liverpool at Hillsborough that day, has notified Mr. Cohen that he will have no more to do with any of his shows.


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