Spirit Of Shankly - March on Saturday

Saturday is a massive day for us. We are playing one of our biggest rivals, a team who are one behind us in league titles. A team who are European Champions. And a team that we love to beat. Much of the talk at the moment, however, is about what’s going on off the pitch – what Hicks and Gillett are up to, the stadium and the club’s finances.


The world’s media will be watching. So let’s make ourselves heard on a march from the Liverpool Supporters’ Club, Lower Breck Road, up to Anfield. Let’s remind everyone what we want – Hicks and Gillett, out of OUR club.


Let’s make sure they get the message. Bring yourself, your mates, anyone who wants Hicks and Gillett out should be there. Bring your banners and bring your voices. A passionate mob, directing their anger towards those ruining our football club.


What we need on Saturday is two resounding victories. Firstly, a march on a massive scale that tells the world that Liverpool has had enough of Gillett and Hicks. A march of passion, a march of anger, a march of Red Solidarity that roars its message loud and proud: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! GO NOW!


This is the biggest club game in football and the world will be watching. Our second victory on Saturday comes when we take all that passion and pride inside the ground and take the roof off in a way no Manc has ever seen or heard. They have 76,000 spectators. We've got 40,000 warriors. All together on Saturday - everybody. Every last one of us turn up at Liverpool Supporters Club on Saturday morning for a show of strength that can change our club's destiny.


Liverpool Supporters Club. Saturday, 11am. See you there!


Spirit Of Shankly.


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