Spirit Of Shankly - Target RBS!

This has been agreed upon as a course of action at today's meeting.

Royal Bank of Scotland are the Main Financers of Tom Hicks and George Gillett in their ownership of Liverpool Football Club. They borrowed the initial money, £350 million, from them, and subsequently approached them about finance for the new stadium which as we know, has been turned down. However, RBS still have a vital role to play. The initial re-financing of the club, the £350 million, is due for renewal or to be paid in full in January 2009. There is an option of a 6 month extension – However this is at Royal Bank of Scotland's discretion. If they say no, the American Owners cannot change that. So let's send a message to RBS. Lets send a message to Tom Hicks and George Gillett. And lets send a message to anyone who may have considered offering them finance.  


But let's make sure Royal Bank of Scotland, and anyone else who might be listening, get that message loud and clear. Let's hit them where it hurts – In the pocket. The way to do this is simple. Call this number between 3pm and 5pm today:

0845 300 4400

It is the contact centre for Tesco Motor Insurance – ran by RBS. RBS get paid according to the service level. So lets affect the service level. Call the number. Select Option 1, and Option 2.

If enough of us do this, lines will become clogged. So everyone needs to play their part.

After holding on the line for 1 minute – Put the phone down and do it all over again. For every call not answered within a minute, RBS get charged. Their clients will be asking questions. RBS will have to listen.

There are other numbers we can phone, and next time, we will phone one of them.

You can also express your concern over Royal Bank of Scotland's involvement with Hicks and Gillett to the Chief Executive of RBS, Sir Frederick Goodwin

Frederick A. Goodwin
Address: 42 St. Andrew Sq., Edinburgh, Britain EH2 2YE
Phone: 0131-556-8555

For Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Relations - 0800 015 5035

To make a complaint -



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